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Originally Posted by Jafar View Post
I'm sorry but I think it's you that is missing the point.First of all he never said ''the schools are crap here''.Preferring to send his daughter to schools in her hometown when she is entering highschool (which is probably the most crucial moment in someone's life path , I could talk about it for hours) isn't the same as saying the schools are crap.I remember when I was 12 years old , one thing I wouldn't have wanted is definitely that my father brought me to another city when I'm chilling with my friends and building my personality and life during puberty.Those are sacrifices.

Of course he had 4 millions per year to console himself , but maybe the money wasn't as much consolations to his family , and a unhappy family could lead you to reconsider things.No matter how much money you make moving your family that include teenagers to a new town is a sacrifice.Money can't buy everything , and you know Erik Cole is an old player , he already has a lot of money , so his quality of life won't necessarily step up that much with the last 8 millions in the bank.Maybe it would truly be preferable for his family to stay at home on a long-term level.If he thinks it's best for his daughter why should he sacrifice and gamble this? To play for the Montreal Canadiens? I'm sorry but the Montreal Canadiens would finish 2nd to my family and I'm a Montreal guy.He isn't.

It seems he didn't appreciate the new deal , so with what I already said if he lose more money on top of it , the choice is beginning to make more and more sense in his mind.I'm fine with it , he gave us good hockey.
I've got a question for you. Do you think he is considering retiring or blowing hot air?

If he wants to retire, that's fine, he has every right to, for all the reasons you mentioned above, but, if he is just running his mouth, like he did towards Roman Hamrlik, then he needs to ****.

There is a time and a place for everything, you don't come out days before camp and whine about negotiations and how they impacted you financially and decide now that you will think about retiring next year. He's planning on playing this year at least, he has never indicated anything to suggest he isn't. Those conversations should be reserved for him and management in private and at the end of the year as he is already committed to playing this season.

I can't imagine what the reaction would be if Cammy or one of the other scape goats from last year had have voiced similar ******** comments, they would of been stoned to death.

As a professional athlete you should act in a manner that is professional and in the best interest of both yourself and those who write your cheques.

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