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01-12-2013, 08:51 AM
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I disagree with the racial card. Other black players in the league don't get the same flack.

It's 3 things imo. First he's a Hab. How many Hab players actually get praised outside of Habs fans circles. And even then most players here get bashed by Habs fans themselves. Second he's flamboyant, well spoken and has a very confident, outgoing personality, something that is contrary to the stereotype hockey player and comes across as cockiness or being full of himself.(the mind-numbing tweets by hockey players during the lockout reinforced this notion, they aren't exactly brainiacs and are prone to childish emotions like jealousy). Third, he yaps a lot on the ice and gets caught up in after the whistle stuff a lot, which in my opinion, is something he needs to work on.

Overall, I think signing him is an absolute no-brainer. He's incredibly talented and still really young and his game is going to improve and refine quite a bit still. I personally am thrilled to have him on the team I cheer for. I think he has it in him to become one of the greats this organization has had. And that's saying quite a bit, because we've had some of the all-time best.

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