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01-12-2013, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Vipers31 View Post
Yeah, saw that, and was pretty happy for both of my teams involved here. Seems like a perfect situation for Weiser to get into. I hope he can get some playing time, help Lautern earn the promotion and the loan gets extended for another year. Looking forward to seeing how this shakes out!
I'm interested to see how this Weiser situation shakes out.

We just signed Drazan (LW), and Pawlowski (RW) from Lubin in Poland is rumoured to be signing in a matter of days.

Right Wing:
- Weiser
- Zuck
- (Pawlowski)

Left Wing:
- Bunjaku
- Drazan
- Derstroff

Obivously Fortounis is missing from this list, but with these signings it means he's either a) moving to Wolfsburg or Dortmund (unlikely given Perisic was sold) b) being moved to CAM -> A move that I like, as this is Fortounis natural position, and Baumjohann needs more competition in the middle as IMO he's been slack at times.

I guess we could also move Bunjaku to CF if the young Pole striker doesn't sign, personally I don't find this a bad move either, I don't think LW is Bunjaku's best position.

Also love the Löwe signing by Kuntz, apparently had an offer from Hoppenheim, but chose to sign for FCK, was the most needed position this window, to get a new LB, as Jessen is at best a back up, and I suspect Bugi will hang them up at the end of the season.

This is how I have the team right now... (Apparently Bah will be signing in a couple of days, been seen having a couple of drinks with some FCK players last couple of days - not something you'd do if you weren't signing I reckon)


De Wit

Müller (GK)
Riedel (RB)
Simunek (CB)
Orban (CB)
Hajri (CB)
Jessen (LB)
Linsmayer (DM)
Azaouagh (AM)
Derstroff (LM)
Wolfert (CF)

Yahia (CB)
Alushi (DM)
Zellner (DM)
Amri (RM)

Potentially add Pawlowski (RW) and Teodorczyk (ST) then that's one hell of a team, for the 2nd division. Even if they are not starters, it's about having depth, something which affected us in the first half, when we had to bring up some meh players from the 2nd team.

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