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Originally Posted by MandyAlwaysKnows View Post
Yeah yeah talent that you can ''see''.

Foligno vs Nash is a completely different comparison than Kuba vs Karlsson because their teammates and roles are completely different. You obviously have to take that into account.

And did admit Kuba's stats are inflated due to Karlsson. But them being better is an indication that it's not all Karlsson, and Kuba helped him out a great deal.

Using crazy stats I could probably prove Nash > Foligno anyway, so I don't know what your point is.
Your arguments circulate on minutes per point on PP and strictly minute based stuff which ignore obvious things such as the amount of ice time each player has had per shift and QoC on power play.

Also, at the end its still a team game, like + -, don't expect Kuba's numbers to stay like that. Fluctuates, and Karlsson gets so much extra ice time it tilts his point per minute rating some. Its called fatigue, try running full speed for minute, and then do it for another minute. See what happens the second round.

I bring up Foligno vs Nash because of your obsession with one player being as good because of points per 60.

Rick Nash : Point per 26 minutes of ice time.

Nick Foligno : Point per 25 minutes of ice time.

Who you think gets more power play time between the two?

Rick Nash got 10x more in a trade, Erik Karlsson got a much better contract. My point is simple.

Its easy to cherry pick numbers, but its easy to see past it when you watch the games.

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