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Originally Posted by SilkyMitts View Post
im in my mid 20's....lived in chinatown for a year in a brand new building at 9th and arch. two bedroom was $1500 total plus utils. the building was nice. then moved to old city and lived there for two years near 2nd and race. paid $1,800 for a massive, massive 3 bedroom apartment (building was older). old city was much better to live in than chinatown. much more within walking distance. however, if i could pick where to live now it would be northern liberties, in the piazza. check that out. place is bumpin and real nice.
I have lived in the Piazza for two years now with my GF. The rent is pretty high and utilities are very high. For a one bedroom thats >650 sqft we pay $1,450. Utilities on average are around $140 a month closer to $200 during the summer. You pay for everything, elec, water, garbage, sewer, natural gas. There are some nice places in here though that have large outdoor patios but that raises the rent more obviously. $1,350 is the bottom of the rent and 2 bedrooms start around $1,800 I believe.

Personally I would look in houses outside of the Piazza as you'll get more space and cheaper utilities than in the Piazza. That's what me and my GF are doing. Just my two cents.

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