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06-15-2006, 08:35 PM
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I think the new standards of officiating will have to be thouroughly reviewed during the summer; if they're not, hockey runs the risk of becoming a farce like World Cup of soccer, where acting diving and grimacing are part of the standard skills set ! Is that what Bettman and Campbell want ?

The other thing is even with those new standards, the refs always find a way to even out the power plays. What ever happens on the ice, how ever the game plays out, the penalties always end up about even; the only difference from the previous years is now there are a lot more: instead of 2-3 pp each, it's like 6-7 apiece, which essentially transforms the Stanley Cup final into a special teams contest. And to me that sucks big time

Walkom and Bettman with their comments at the beginning of the playoffs have basically forced the officials to LOOK FOR infractions instead of CALLING THE ACTUAL infractions. And believe me, I was all for stoping the REAL hooking in the neutral zone, and the clutching and the holding (like "finishing a check", during 8 seconds after the puck is gone... ), that had to go, it's pretty much gone and I'm thankful for that !!!

But now, it's time for common sense to prevail. I mean, there are guys like Brind'amour, Forsberg, Kovalev, that in previous years were I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E to put down; now I see them on their butt 2 times a shift, falling like leaves in the fall, every time somebody look at them

I'm sorry for the lenghty post but I've been steaming over that for weeks now and didn't want a sound like a guy who "missed the good old days". But if those clowns in the NHL offices can't find a happy compromise between what I saw last night (which was pitiful and painful to watch) and the good old days, when everything went, I'm picking the later !!! At least then, we knew the Cup winners didn't win on being a bunch of sissy divers and cheaters !!!

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