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Originally Posted by Edmontreal View Post
When did past Habs teams become "Out of town"?
Anyway, read this on former Leafs GMs:

One thing jumped out:

And the highest pick he retained during any of his first three Maple Leaf drafts the No. 7 overall in 2009, he used to take Nazem Kadri, a player who remains very much a work in progress at age 22.

Interestingly, Kadri is the only player selected by Burke to play a single NHL game. Among players taken during the '09, '10 and '11 drafts there are 90 players who've participated in NHL games. But Kadri, whose status in the NHL remains iffy, is the only Leaf.

Which made me wonder how our beloved Habs has done during the same period. The disappointing answer is, they've been just as bad. The only player in said class that has worn the Habs jersey in the NHL is Leblanc..

Maybe one of Tinordi, Bealieau or Ellis could make that two this year.

90 players on 30 teams gives three players per team on average, one player simplys isn't enough. Not having a second rd pick in 09 or a second and third in 10 obviously didn't help matters.
A more in-depth analysis must include what level of success the teams achieved during the same time frame. Giving up first and second rd picks for deep playoff runs may be worth a shallower talent pool a few years later. Habs obviously did better than the Leafs in the regard, while not doing great either.
Looking at who gets to the NHL quicker is not a good way to evaluate drafts. Good drafting/developing teams let their kids develop in junior and AHL and once they make the jump they can stay and be good NHLers. Other than 1st rounders, few draft picks reach the NHL full time until 3-4 years after they were drafted.

Lets use Kristo as an example he was drafted in 2008 I believe...if he signs after this year and makes the NHL teams next year and wins rookie of the year with 60 he a bad pick because it took him 5 years to reach the NHL?

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