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01-12-2013, 10:22 AM
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Originally Posted by onice View Post
I can not believe some of the bullsh*t coming out of some of the members. Did you all go to the RDS school of spinning the facts? Calling him dumb. And what did he do? He said AT THE END OF THE SEASON he will reconsider whether to play or not.

1) Were Lidstrom, Alfredsson, Niedermayer dumb when they announced they would reconsider their retirement at the end of the season?

2) Were those players going through the motions when they declared what they were thinking? So why are you and other members accusing Cole of doing the same? Do I have to remind you that the Habs' training camp starts on Sunday yet Cole was filmed training at Brossard with the rest of his team. Is that someone who is going to go through the motions?

3)Yes, he signed a 4 year contract. All that contract means is if he plays hockey he plays for the Habs. It doesn't mean he's obligated to play. He can retire if he wants. And it's his choice like it was Lidstrom's, Alfredsson and a dozen other players' choices who expressed last year thoughts about retiring.

4) Cole never said the schools in Quebec were terrible. He said his daughter was in a turning point in her life and he needed to reevaluate his playing days. Those are the words of a good father not a terrible team mate.

5) And what he said about his contract is true. When he signed with the Habs, he & the organization agreed to certain terms. He sat down with wife (and family maybe) and discussed the pros & cons. They thought it was worth it. Now the owners swinged it where the past contracts are not worth what was agreed upon. Cole has all the right to re-evaluate his situation.

6) The only point I'm willing to give you is that there's a little bit of provincialism in Cole's statement. He, like many Americans, are uncomfortable living outside of the states. Sometimes it's a sense of superiority, sometimes it's just they feel like foreigners. I think Cole has earned the right to live wherever he wants. He never insulted Quebec or the Quebecois. Grow the phuck up.

I can not believe the attitude of some of the members on this board. And I respect quite a few of those members. I gotta tell you with this thread it isn't Cole who fell in my estimation but the level of maturity of the people on this board.
Point is that the others have retired for the idea of not being able to bring it anymore to the level they thought they were able to. Cole wants to retire because of the CBA. What age were they? Not the same game. Yes, I call him dumb, but CLEARLY do I imply based on his remarks. The timing of his initial remarks and then his reply about not wanting to overshadow the new era. Both makes no sense to me. He can think what he wants. Wasn't the time to say it.

Surely Cole has a right to live where he wants. Not sure being a hockey player is the ideal job for that but I guess that he still can do what he wants. Which in the end, if true, wanting more Québécois on the team shouldn't never be a problem for most of the fans anymore as we'd most likely never have that kind of problem.

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