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Originally Posted by HalifaxDucks View Post
Having the argument of who's scred of who now is stupid. Every coach in the top half will have their teams ready, and I know we're not implying this, but no team will have the "scared" mentality, as regular season results will be thrown out the window.

Does Danault have enough offensive power to make me more nervous though? I know it's a big addition but I think the price was way too high for someone with his stats.. Obviously it's still good, and his other game is great, but doesn't fill the other needs they had.... Every team has holes, that can't be changed, but Moncton could use another D as Melindy hasn't been himself this year and goaltending is bigger problem too. Dubeau is too inconsistent.... Do you feel 100% with him going all the way?

How bout the supposed "clique" in the dressing room? No chemistry, 4 players who have formed their own group... Could be nothing, but it's been brought up before...

What does mentioning Deruelle do to help Moncton's depth? He had 4 goals and was clearly not good enough to be a regular Q player or he would be with you or on another team... the best team on paper doesn't always win, but those players you mention are not on the level of Halifax or BLB who have the best bottom 6 players in the league.
Price was two high?? More like a steal 2 first rounds picks and Johnson at the draft..

I first round nhl pick and your saying he's not that good? I'm sure if Halifax landed him you would be singing a different tune.

If you want to know what overpaying is look up what you have up for brad Marchand .
How'd that work out anyway?

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