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Originally Posted by YearsintheWilderness View Post
How utterly bizarre! Not only do you have to pay to be on a wait list but they try to create a strange little subculture and sense of honour at having coughed up money for the privilege of waiting to sit in their cramped, under-sized seats sometime in the future.

What is it, 50 bucks for the privilege of being on the wait list? Damn, that's more than I spent going to a handful of Jets games back in the day.

But hey, you have the opportunity to purchase some over-priced book before anyone else! How thrilling!

As far as NHL fan-suckers go, Winnipeg is in a realm all its own!
Did you used to wear an opion on your belt and catch coins thrown from rich men in zepplins as well?

I used to buy Jets tickets for $15. You also could get a new car for $5000. Times change. [mod]

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