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01-12-2013, 12:15 PM
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I have always been a supporter of Markov and have never faulted him for his injuries as some here have managed to do. The fanboydom on here is would think that I just insulted somebody's mommy.

Markov is being paid very well to play in the KHL even with insurance costs. If these players were willing to play for free as one poster alluded to then the KHL clubs would happily cover these costs.

I guarantee you that Bergevin and company were pissed when he played those games but it wasn't worth making a public statement about due to the ****storm it would create in Montreal. Markov is the one player out of every NHLer in Europe that should not have taken that risk.

The biggest joke is that EVERY single poster on here who is defending Markov would be the same ones crucifying him if he had seriously injured himself. Fortunately everything worked out and is water under the bridge now.........

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