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Originally Posted by Eyes of Orpik View Post
I'm not coming here to start ****, but I think the Flyers got their revenge by winning the series? You guys are also talking about taking Pens players' heads off for what they did? Do you guys think Giroux should get his head taken off because of the headshot he delivered to Zubrus?

Like I said, not in here to start ****, I'm just curious as to what you think. There's no double standard, so if the consequence of playing dirty is getting dirty hits in return, then you're saying Giroux deserves the same thing. You can also take my approach and say "the Devils got their revenge by winning the series"

Personally, I think it's a new season and teams will be focused to get 2 points, not goon it up, but hey that's just my opinion.
Both will be addressed at the appropriate time. It's not always the next game. The difference though is that the Penguins/Flyers was bitter and has been bitter for a while. Can't really say the same about Flyers/Devils. The Penguins series was driven by emotion, the Devils series was devoid of it. And I think that is part of what took the Flyers out.

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