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Originally Posted by Faithful67 View Post
I think that every team has a different playing style. So depending on how fast you adapt to their playing will determine the outcome of every game. Although some games you just can't score or some games your goalie eats poo. It's just like real life NHL. In the first season I joined the league with 10 games left and made a push for playoffs I finished 8th. Second season I finished 2nd in conference. This season I'm sitting 4th in conference 4 points behind the capitals for 2nd but I have 5 games in hand I have no problems with EA screwing me over. Point is just depends on how you play against other teams sometimes you have to change your gameplay style. Same as defensively. I remember how every team plays so when I go into a game I know what to do. When I play the penguins it's always a high scoring game because we find ways to solve each others D. Anyways just adapt to to people's gaming styles when you play them.

Sim in 2 hours still at work..
I actually have different strategy sets that I use for a lot of you guys. Some teams I know I will frustrate by keeping their shots to the outside, but letting them shoot quite a bit. They get frustrated because based on shot total they should probably have a goal or 2, but I'll be 8 shots behind but still up by one. Then there are other teams where I try to use an aggressive front, because I know they are going to score on me regardless, so I know I am going to need to put up goals.

EA bites me from time to time. But it's generally in the sims. Hell the first season, about 2-3 months in I was sitting on top of the SE conference, and then I end up missing the playoffs by quite a bit from sim losses. Last season my goaltending was terrible. This year, at least it's looking like I'm fairly safe for a playoff spot.

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