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Originally Posted by Xspyrit View Post
Seriously you have no idea about that... you're not qualified enough to know about it and you're just trying to have your biased opinion as a fact, as usual

If Kuba was in his prime years maybe but he is now 36 y/o (weren't you among people complaining about "old players"?) and have went through many hard injuries... Methot is younger, more physical and better defensively. He is also more mobile and a fastest skater at this point... I just have no idea how his passing and offensive game can develop paired with Karlsson
You don't get it do you?

It's 2011-12 Kuba vs 2012-13 Methot. Right now I'm not arguing whether or not this is right for long term... I'm arguing whether or not the Sens will be as good as last year.

Kuba had the best season of his career.

''no idea how his passing and offensive game can develop paired with Karlsson'' - the guy is 27 years old and has never scored more than 17 points in a season including NHL, AHL and major junior. I think we can SAFELY say he is worse offensively than Kuba.

I have doubts Methot can match Kuba defensively, but even if he does, he can't match Kuba's two-way contributions at even strength, PP and PK.

Originally Posted by Xspyrit View Post
Latendresse has been very unlucky the past 2 seasons (not 3 like you said) but with all things being equal, he is a much better hockey player than Foligno and it's not even close. The guy can make your top-6 more dangerous, unlike Foligno who is an Elite 3rd liner (in the Kelly class but really not as good defensively)
2 seasons, 3 years. Has hardly played.

The guy has played only 3 relatively full seasons since 2006. That's insane. Not only is it unlikely he stays healthy, it's possible he won't produce even if he does.

What are you basing Lats being better than Foligno? He had ONE productive 55 game stretch in 2009-10 with one team. That's it. He's never touched Foligno's 47 points, not even close.

Originally Posted by Xspyrit View Post
Not only that, but Methot+Latendresse is a lot cheaper... saves a lot of money for Melnyk and gives us more cap flexibility long-term.
Again, not talking long term here.

Originally Posted by Xspyrit View Post
Bah, just read Dr.Sens post, the guy knows what he is talking about
Yes he's a good poster

Originally Posted by Xspyrit View Post
How could anyone read things like this without thinking that you're severely biased?

What is the most funny is that you change the song of your tune overnight, to fit your arguments... Just like the other day... see what I wrote in the "Trade Rumors and Proposals" thread :

What is funny is that YOU WHINE LIKE CRAZY when we trade Foligno for Methot, but you're also saying we should trade Michalek (who is a much much better player than Foligno) for Gorges (who is just more popular and well-known than Methot)
Umm, if you actually read the thread and didn't selectively chose what you want to read, you would know that I said:
-I wouldn't trade Michalek for Gorges, I was commenting on the value
-Gorges is a #2 and Methot a #5 imo. big difference.

Foligno scored 47 points with Zack Smith and Chris Neil while Michalek scored 60 with Spezza and Karlsson. Really, you think Michalek is a god and Foligno a bum?

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