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01-12-2013, 12:50 PM
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The MLS in Pittsburgh would never work. It's too saturated a market for the MLS to make any headway, and that stadium is extremely limited in it's expansion possibilities (would likely need to quadruple in size to even get consideration as an MLS venue and I can't see that location holding more than 5,000...which would be pushing it).

It's great that the Riverhounds got their own place and I really do want the sport to make headway in Pittsburgh...but realistic expectations have to be in place. The MLS's successful locations are places that are a.) drastically underserved (Portland, Columbus) , b.) have recently lost teams in major sports (Seattle and Montreal), and c. have large first-and-second-generation immigrant populations (LA, Houston). Pittsburgh is none of those three.

I went to BPHS while they were playing there...not only did I never see anyone wearing any Riverhounds anything, I never heard or saw anything about them. I walked by their stadium each day and never knew when the hell they were playing. They really need to ramp up their community outreach and marketing if they ever want to carve a niche in Pittsburgh.

Anyway, I think the MLS is going to cap itself at 24 teams for the foreseeable future (adding the New York Cosmos, a team in Orlando, and a wildcard location in the next decade and places like St. Louis, Atlanta, and Minnesota are way above us on the pecking order).

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