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Originally Posted by Jaromir Jagr View Post
Is Halpern so much different than Pyatt? I should have mentioned I was thinking bottom-six altogether, which is usually how I see players like this. Halpern has scored 25-30 pts on average since the last lockout, similar to Pyatt. Rupp, maybe not.

Shouldn't we be better off attempting to fill that position from the ground up instead of signing journeymen?
Halpern and Pyatt are extremely different. Halpern is a veteran center whose very good on draws and very defensively responsible, and has PKd a lot over the past few seasons. He's also getting up and age and is strictly a fourth line center at this point. Pyatt is a big, crashing winger who has really NEVER played on the fourth line, is not very defensively responsible and rarely PKs at all. He is good for forechecking, grinding down opponents and cycling in the opponents zone. We're not going to fill the position from within if no one is ready to fill it. No reason to rush somebody to the NHL just to give them bottom six minutes when they could benefit from top six minutes in the AHL. Plus, there's no benefit in having a rookie whose barely ready playing a role they're not really suited for, just to say we filled it from within. We're going after the cup this year; that means having the BEST roster possible, not promoting kids who aren't ready to roles they shouldn't have just for the sake of staying within the system.

Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
I don't consider Boyle OR Pyatt to be true 3rd liners. We have one 3rd liner and its Hagelin.
Well that's just seriously misguided. People expect way too much production from the average third liner. There's 30 teams in the league, thus 30 top-six players (roughly). 30x6=180. Go find out how many forwards in the NHL scored more than 30 points last season. Only 191 forwards.

30x3 for the third liners in the league is 90 guys. The range between 180 and 270 was: 32-17 points. The average third liner should be good for 17-35 points. Yes, bottom six guys scored more than 30, top six guys scored less than 30, the math isn't perfect, but the fact that barely the full top 180 broke 30 points suggests way too much is expected of third liners. Guess who was right in the middle of the 180-270 numbers. Brian Boyle. Taylor Pyatt. They are ideal third liners.

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