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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
Glorified stunt man who put wrestling into the dark ages with his "anything to stay on the top of the card" actions and posioning of a generation with extreme spots that did nothing but throw the bar out in terms of telling a wrestling story.

His legacy is getting thrown off the top of a 25 foot cage and mutilating himself in Japan. Not my idea of a wrestler but had a huge impact in ruining wrestling to the point that it hasnt recovered even yet.
I hate when people say this. I know that he will be remembered for his insane stunts and what he gave to the industry. On the other hand, there were some great moments that didn't need a huge spot. I actually think what made him so over-the-top good was he combined a great feud with an insane final spot. Edge vs. Foley was tremendous and ended in a huge spot. Taker/Mankind was unreal. Mankind's character was amazing at that time. Rock and Sock Connection. His backstage humor mixed with his ability to put on a good solid match.

This guy is way more than just a stuntman. Well-deserved.

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