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06-15-2006, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by FerrisRox
Irrelevant. Hemsky's intention is not the issue... If his stick, while trying to get the puck, takes down Brind'amour, it's a penalty. It has been all year.

Again... you say he barely touched him. Guess what? You're not allowed to touch him AT ALL. That's the penalty. If you take your hands off your stick to touch an opponent, it's a penalty. There's absolutely no reason whatsoever to take your hands off your stick to touch your opponent... it's been a penalty all year and it damn well should be.

If you don't even understand the rules, it's odd to post about your disgust in how penalites are being called.
Well... my definition of what is a penalty isn't what is being applied that's for sure. One reason for that is how it's being applied is completely stupid. It's not because I post about my disgust now that I haven't been disgusted with all the stupid penalties given all year long. I grew up playing hockey, I've reffed hockey games. I grumble about penalties that are stupid and bring nothing to the game. Penalties should be given to players that prevent a play from another player through illegal use (like interference to a player that doesn't have the puck, as him slowing him down, like tripping a player on purpose, like hooking another player).

Basically, if a player goes for the puck and a player trips on his stick, the fault is on the player that trips, not the player who's playing the puck. Making this a penalty is inane, since I don't think any player will stop playing the puck in case another player decides to skate on his stick. In other words, a penalty won't change anything and will just give a random powerplay. Plus, most of the time, those plays are complete dives (opposing players seeking a penalty). I don't like that kind of hockey.

About interference calls, there are hundred of contact a game between players who do not have the puck (look at faceoffs, people lining up with each other). Obviously, interference is not touching another player, it's interfering with another player. But... heh, you know the rules right? Two years ago or twenty years ago, Adams would never have gone down because Tarnstrom didn't interfere with him, didn't slow him down, didn't prevent him from doing anything. But it seems you like a game where players decide to try to induce penalties because they're so easily handed.

I want a game that's fast but without half the penalties being stupid calls. I can dream though, since it seems there are people like you.

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