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01-12-2013, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by AUS Fan View Post
STUTOMMIES: While I applaud you for defending former STU players and acknowledge that you probably do have "inside" information on goings-on in Freddy Beach, it doesn't help the conversation to tell someone to SHUT THE **** UP.

I'm sure that you and I can agree that there is some kind of inducement at every school that falls outside of what is legal. Some people on this Board would say that it doesn't happen at their school and that is their perogative.

I understand your anger at the "Squirrels", but for the sake of the rest of us, please dial back the rhetoric.

ps - I still like you....
Like me, hate me, love me, I could care less. If a Squirrel wants to sling mud in my general direction "it" better be prepared for it to come back. If they want to act all innocent but cast dispersions on everyone else, too *** bad for them.

I'm all for turning the other cheek but not this time. I have no inside info. just a ignorant fan.

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