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01-12-2013, 01:56 PM
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so how many fans do you have in the case?

have you looked in your bios to see if there's a setting to control the fan speed? maybe it's set low.

on my motherboard, in the bios, there's a CPU Q-fan Control and a Chassis Q-fan Control. depending on how they are set, you could get more or less cooling/fan speed.

settings in my bios for Chassis Q-fan Control are:
Standard - makes the chassis fan auto adjust depending on the chassis temperature.
Silent - to minimize the fan speed for quiet chassis fan operation.
Turbo - to achieve maximum chassis fan speed.

i have an Asus motherboard, btw, and i see you're using one as well, so you should have similar settings in the bios.

maybe its set to Standard or Silent ...dunno. try Turbo out and see what happens.

at least you have another fan you can add to your case for more cooling now, no?

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