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01-12-2013, 02:14 PM
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Weird draft today ... usually we wait until two days before the season starts, but we couldn't coordinate our schedules except for today, so it was to say the least odd to draft before training camps. Given shortened camps with smaller rosters, most the GMs stuck to players that they expected to get ice time this year. Not many "I think he might play on a line with a superstar" early or mid-round picks.

My league is a 10-team, partial keeper roto league. We have 22-man rosters, and must keep four players (maximum one goalie) from the previous season. We have a ton of stats and have tried to strike a reasonable balance between offense and grit, as well as between skaters and goalies. Skater stats are G,A,P,+/-,PIMs, PPG,PPA,PPP,SHP,GWG,FW,Hits,BLK and goalie stats are GS,W,GAA,SV%,SHO.

I drafted last in a zigzag format.

Here's my team. * = keepers
* Malkin c/rw
* Quick g
* Neal lw/rw
* Parise lw
Benn c/lw
Nugent-Hopkins c
P. Kane c/rw
Voracek rw
Pavelec g
Lindback g
Parenteau rw
Streit d
Huberdeau c
Ott c/lw
Carlson d
Ekman-Larson d
Goligoski d
JVR lw
Crawford g
Roy c
Ellis d
Silfverberg rw

Pretty much everyone in the league was surprised to see Crawford available that late. It was a case of there being a two-round rush on goalies and then people forget about them.

Okposo went undrafted. He's not one of my favorite players; still, my last pick was a coinflip for him at rw or the kid in Ottawa. Since I like taking rookies in the last round, I went with Silfverberg.

Things I like about this team

* Powerplay stats should be off the chart: Malkin, Neal Nugent-Hopkins, Streit had really nice PPP numbers, and I expect increases in PP stats for Parise, Benn, Voracek, Parenteau.

* I like my goal-scoring prospects, and expect Parenteau, Voracek and Nugent-Hopkins each to improve to pro-rated numbers equivalent to at least 25 goals during a typical season. That's nice support for proven scorers like Malkin, Neal, Parise and Benn ... and to a lesser extent, Kane.

* I like my goaltending depth. Obviously, it's Quick and then everyone else, but the "everyone else" are going to get a lot of starts, and hopefully that will translate into a decent number of wins. I like that they're likely to start a lot of games. And if another team suffers a setback in goal, I ought to be in a position to work something out with him and fill any holes in my stats.

* I have enough dual-position forwards to ensure that I won't have to lose many points on the bench this season.

Some worries I have

* Will Nugent-Hopkins and Huberdeau take a decent # of faceoffs. If they do (and if they don't suck at this), then I'm happy with the outlook in that department.

* After I slotted my defense, I cringed when I saw their +/- ratings from 2011-12 (-27 for Streit, -15 for Carlson, even zeroes for Goligoski and Ekman Larsson and Ellis as the lone plus with +5). Also, I really don't really have a good feel for what to expect from Ellis, Carlson and Ekman Larsson this season.

* I'm not thrilled at the PIMs I'll likely get from this D in particular and from the team as a whole. If van Riemsdyk doesn't get off to a qick start, I'll likely drop him for a grinding guy like Tanner Glass to boost my PIMs and hits.

* I have a fear that Kane and Roy are going to underwhelm this year. Since Roy was the 20th guy I took, it wasn't much of a risk; However, I hope Kane doesn't disappoint.

So close

* I wanted to start out by taking two physical multi-stat wingers with center eligibility to set the tone and had Backes and Benn both in my sights, and then Backes was snatched right from under me with the pick right before me. Though I like Nugent-Hopkins' offense, I would have liked to have started with a lot of multi-positional flexibility and a lot of stat categories early. Still, Nugent-Hopkins isn't a bad consolation prize.

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