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Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
I don't see the harm in having him stick around this season, for 48 games. His play didn't help the team win, but it didn't hurt the team in losing either. He was ineffective in both senses. He's always been a good team guy, despite what the media likes to tell us, and that comes from the mouths of his own teammates. The burial and memorial of Scott Gomez comes solely from the backwards media and impatient fans, due to his $7+ million dollar paycheque.

You want to deal him? Fine, next year is the final year in his contract. Contact the couple of teams that are near or below the cap floor and ask for a pick in return. The new CBA also allows teams to retain some of the cap hit in a trade. Offer the team to take on Scott Gomez and 5 of the 7 million dollars on his contract, or whatever the amount is to be a better option than a buyout.

Like I said though. His play does not help this team win, but does not push this team to lose either. For all we know, in 48 games this year he plays above and beyond expectations and has a decent season. Then, maybe teams will be more than happy to have him finish their contracts with them.
I don't agree with that, but too each their own. I do think that he cost the team because of his poor play. He does seem like a great team guy though (and that's why I kept wanting to give him chances) and maybe if he didn't make $7M, he'd be a better player. Less expectations, not only from fans and media, but from himself. I'm sure a guy making $7M a season and playing like he has can't be good for his confidence.

As for the burial? I think the 11 points in 38 games last year, or 49 points in his last 118 games buries him enough. The media and fans have a right to be upset with his play, especially considering what we lost for him.

The point of this article is saying that if he gets hurt, we're stuck with him next year regardless. I don't know if any team would be willing to pay Gomez $5M either (although I think he only makes $5M so we might be able to get a team to pay $2.5M) unless he has nearly a PPG 48-games, which isn't going to happen because I doubt he gets the linemates to produce at a clip like that.

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