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Originally Posted by Grillinnap View Post
But there is a Smythe Division banner.
That is for winning the Smythe Division Regular Season title. When McNall owned the team, he seemed to replace banners as they progressed. I remember that for the Campbell Conference Finals in 1992-93, they raised a Smythe Division Championship banner. For Game 3 of the Stanley Cup that year, they replaced it was the Campbell Conference Championship banner.

I think for the time being, they should put up one for each thing the Kings have won. So put the 1992-93 Smythe Division banner back up and add a 2011-12 Western Conference Champions banner up. If/when the Kings become like the Habs (or Lakers) put up only Stanley Cup Champions banners. But for the time being put up banners for all things. I hope they don't take the ones off the wall and hang them in the rafters. It would be nice if they all resemble each other. Make them colour coded, silver for division titles, purple for conference titles and black for Stanley Cup titles. If the Kings ever win the Presidents Trophy, make that a gold banner.

I wonder if they are moving everything off the wall? Are the Lakers and Sparks banners moving to the rafters too or is strictly going to be a Kings thing? Are the retired numbers moving to the rafters too?

It would be kind of cool if instead of some Thank You Fans or whatever message at the blue lines, the Kings put 2011-12 Stanley Cup Champions. It would be cool to see the Kings start a tradition of the Cup champs doing this. It would be sort of like the World Series champ putting the champs patch on their hats (or jerseys). I'd also love to see the Kings take a page from Brazil's soccer team and add a small star or crown on their jersey for each Stanley Cup Championship. Then again perhaps the Kings need to win a second one before doing that.

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