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01-12-2013, 02:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs Hotel View Post
These games are crap.

The same people keep on winning. Its who runs the team and not the actual team.

I should of known better than playing again, I stopped playing for awhile and thought I would give it a second chance. Just crap. 10-1 loss vote with how deep my team is and the 1 vote again was from myself its like that every game. It goes by the GM and their popularity. The numbers can back it up. People dont even look at the teams. The votes are blow outs. Teams with 1 vote is from their own GM. I actually looked at the teams and voted accordingly.

Produce Man
Top 6 Spaling
Dong Habs
Datsyuk Dangles
theres one more I forget who it is.

Usually win the games. People then say they have good teams. I know they do make good teams, but Ive seen GMs with better teams lost and such. Like Boston last game. They were a top 3 team and voted like 6th. Teams ahead of him were GM favorites.

Then people wonder why the games seem the same and boring and want changes to them. This crap is just the same and don't find it fun like the 1st few games I played then noticed the trending GMs that win the games all the time.

Im contemplating not even playing gabby's. If I do its going to be the last one cause this is getting bad and is a waste of time.

Best of Luck to who moved on and I keep voting for the rest of this game.

I quit this game because I didn't have the time but just reading over this makes me cringe.

Stop whining and acting like a little baby. Maybe the same people win because they're a better GM then most?

Maybe Boston was voted so low because the GM didn't care to post his roster and no one knew what his team looked like?

Suck it up and think about it for a moment. You have no idea how much credibility you lose for posts like these.

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