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01-12-2013, 03:31 PM
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What exactly do you think is bad about ramp esque stick positioning?

A commonly glossed over fact about goaltending is that there is, in actuality, no one distinct way to do any particular thing. There are, of course, general guidelines one must follow, but as long as you have rational and substantial reasoning behind certain minor tweaks(i.e. stick positioning) you can employ them.

To speak to your point. I personally hold my stick as a subtle ramp, because I follow the north american discipline of using my stick to direct rebounds. I believe the ramp, when properly used, is best for directing rebounds away from soft spots in front of me.

Also positioning it out in front a bit and not directly vertical allows for more give in the stick if the puck hits it square. To further explain what I mean by this,

1)picture holding your stick directly vertical and having a puck shot straight at it. There is a chance the puck will deflect somewhere away from the net, but there is also a vague chance it kind of powers through your stick or guides off of it and in to the net.
2)picture holding your stick in this angle/ramp and having a puck shot straight at it. There is virtually no chance that the puck will deflect right through your legs and into the net like there is if you hold it perfectly vertical.

European goalies tend to use their legs more and their stick to control rebounds. They also, at times, tend to drop into the butterfly with the stick at their side instead of directly in front of them the way most north american trained goalies do. Hiller and Bryz are the first to come to mind. This is a valid method as well, but as I said earlier ultimately it is up to you, or rather your child, to determine what works for you.

As far as a fantastic free goaltending resource, this is the best free one on the web.
scroll down a bit and there is an extremely lengthy pdf manual on goaltending.

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