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01-12-2013, 03:52 PM
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Originally Posted by TieClark View Post
They're all softer AINEC

Brown was a great fighter last year.... go take a look at his scraps. He beat the s**t out of White, was in a great fight with Staubitz (MTL)... but seriously? You're going to call Subban being a tough guy to play against? He would get destroyed by Phaneuf, Komisarek even.. I mean guys on the leafs that rarely fight. He couldn't even do anything against Lupul ffs.

As for Ottawa... again. You're going to say Brown isn't a guy that is scaring anybody but then start listing guys like Neil and Greening? Really? Ottawa doesn't have anyone that could fight Orr at this point, and Brown is a better fighter than anyone on Ottawa as well.
Greening isnt Ottawas toughest player, Neil is and Neil is a much tougher fighter. Not to mention one of the hardest hitting forwards in the league. Brown had a great year fighting last year with some good fights against good fighters, but a lot of his wins came against mediocre middleweights as well. The Kris Newburys and Kostopolous's of the league might not handle Brown very well but there are a lot of guys who can.

Again you keep assuming Orr is on the team even though he didnt play at all last season. I already said if he does end up on the team I would reconsider my stance but as of right now he isnt on the team.

And if you dont think Subban is tough to play against you dont watch hockey. Hes an agitating player who hits extremely hard. Yeah he isnt a great fighter or anything but neither is a guy like Kronwall and I would say its tough to play with the thought of getting lit up by those 2 even if they dont fight.

Face it man, the leafs are arguably the softest team in the league after having Burke as their manager for like 3 or 4 years now

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