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Originally Posted by ixcuincle View Post
Yes, I took the old fan out and put the new one in. It's still low speed

One I replaced it with was an 8 dollar one from Micro Center

Kingwin 120 mm CFBL-012LB

I am currently running it at Standard and it's in the high 500's
so the fan that got replaced isn't the same make/model is it?

that Kingwin is rated as a max 950rpms ...which isn't the fastest out there for sure, so maybe its a case of replacing a slow fan with another slow fan.

tho, i'd think you'd get more than high 500rpms out of it ...maybe not tho. and the Turbo setting doesn't give you much more than the Standard setting, eh?

just to compare ...i bought a few of these fans for my case ...
Coolermasters rated for a max of 2000rpms them for $4.99 each at the time.

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