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Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
Although I agree with you on some parts, I would argue the part about his legacy being the cage bump. His character provided a lot of depth and was different than anything else they were putting out at the time. Here came a guy with a leather mask that was dark and sadistic, would punch and hit himself after a win before leaving the ring. You didn't see much of that kind of character back then.
Sure you did. Foley stole a bunch of his gimmick from Buzz Sawyer while Sawyer was in Georgia. Not to mention alot of what Foley became was being done in Japan with Leatherface in FMW. Stealing ideas is nothing new in wrestling considering SCSA swiped a ton from Sandman. What seperates Foley is he knew he couldnt keep up that pace of providing stunts that could cripple him and lower his quality of life so he chose to become a comedy act, and more power to him for it.
Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
Among wrestling fans, his biggest moment came when he won the WWF championship - which in turn sparked the "butts in seats" comment that led to Raw winning the Monday night wars. I think that held a lot more legacy and meaning to Mick Foley than any bump he ever took. The decision to make him champion led to a stupid comment, which led to WWE beating WCW and taking them over.
Valid point on principle but the fact remains such an important part of the history of the monday night wars pales in comparison to the bump Foley took off the cell. The first thing many who have followed wrestling will say first if you bring up Foleys name is that disgust bump, or 15 unprotected chair shots from the Rock over his title win.

Foley had very little talent in terms of wrestling ability, and in turn, had to tell a story by doing the most outlandish things to keep himself on the top of the card. Nobody was stupid enough to allow himself to be thrown off the top of a caged cell....except Foley. Michaels didnt come close to that height. And when you put it into perspective, I dont recall kids recreating Foleys WWF title win while role playing their heroes but do indeed seem to recall kids climbing drastic heights to recreate Foleys bump.

You look at all that is wrong in pro wrestling and you can look no further then Mick Foley for many of the reasons. Chris Benoit, the murderer, took umpteen unprotected chair shots to the skull because Mick Foley set the bar so high in brutality that he had no choice but to take them to keep himself near the top of the card. Couple that fact with Foley being a complete mark for himself and had the ear of Russo who had no problems exploiting any stupid idea Mick Foley came up with and you have one of the most controversial inductions this side of Billy Graham.

The Rock never had to take a crazy bump to be over, neither did SCSA, Undertaker, Ric Flair in his prime, Harley Race, etc,etc. So pardon me if I dont think justification should be in order for a guy who made his careers work HOF worthy by mutilating himself.

People always stop and look at car crashes and train wrecks, doesnt mean they are a positive.

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