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Originally Posted by MandyAlwaysKnows View Post
You're kidding yourself if you think their returns won't help at all. And the point is to tank. Again, you're kidding yourself if you think that pick won't help.
I find it odd to read someone saying "you're kidding yourself" when he also says "the point is to tank"

Wish you could enter a meeting room full of NHL executives and professionals and propose them your plan. Your vision of things would change dramatically after that...

Originally Posted by MandyAlwaysKnows View Post
You don't get it do you?

It's 2011-12 Kuba vs 2012-13 Methot. Right now I'm not arguing whether or not this is right for long term... I'm arguing whether or not the Sens will be as good as last year.

Kuba had the best season of his career.

''no idea how his passing and offensive game can develop paired with Karlsson'' - the guy is 27 years old and has never scored more than 17 points in a season including NHL, AHL and major junior. I think we can SAFELY say he is worse offensively than Kuba.

I have doubts Methot can match Kuba defensively, but even if he does, he can't match Kuba's two-way contributions at even strength, PP and PK.
What am I not "getting"? That you're living in the past?

What's the point of comparing Methot with the Kuba of the past? It's behind us and as time will go by, Kuba will continue to decline... He's 36 y/o now... The Sens are rebuilding, would you really trade Methot for Kuba straight up? Kuba had a great season but we all know he was a product of Karlsson... Don't "kid yourself" like you say

What did you think of Kuba 2010-11? lol he didn't even look like a NHL D-man

Financial reasons and other factors like age and physical play are big reasons why the Sens made that swap. Kuba simply didn't fit the Sens mold anymore. We had him for 4 years, it's ok let's move on

2 seasons, 3 years. Has hardly played.

The guy has played only 3 relatively full seasons since 2006. That's insane. Not only is it unlikely he stays healthy, it's possible he won't produce even if he does.

What are you basing Lats being better than Foligno? He had ONE productive 55 game stretch in 2009-10 with one team. That's it. He's never touched Foligno's 47 points, not even close.
What? 2 seasons, 3 years? What are you talking about... In hockey a year = a season... stop trying to adjust things to fit your arguments

Latendresse hasn't miss much hockey from his minor days to 2010-11. In the NHL :

2006-07 80 games
2007-08 73 games
2008-09 56 games
2009-10 78 games
2010-11 11 games

He played 287/328 games in his first 4 seasons... missed only 41 games (12%), which is probably the average or under the average for NHL players. He has been injured the last 2 seasons, different injuries. Bad luck

Anyway, on what am I basing myself to say that Latendresse is a better hockey player than Foligno?

I have watched them both play A LOT? That's how most people in the hockey world do... and that's how most people would come to the same conclusion as me.

You know... I really know what people like you are made of... You don't even believe in these things yourself, you just want to be right. You have decided something and you'll be stubborn about it no matter what, you'll even go as far as say that Kuba is better than Karlsson offensively and defensively, but not overall

Again, not talking long term here.
Ok so you're talking about what? Long term is important for a rebuilding team, not the fate of a 48 games season...

You're criticizing a trade without taking into consideration the long-term reasons why the team made that trade? Of course, you're not going to like it... doh

Umm, if you actually read the thread and didn't selectively chose what you want to read, you would know that I said:
-I wouldn't trade Michalek for Gorges, I was commenting on the value
-Gorges is a #2 and Methot a #5 imo. big difference.

Foligno scored 47 points with Zack Smith and Chris Neil while Michalek scored 60 with Spezza and Karlsson. Really, you think Michalek is a god and Foligno a bum?
You also said that Gorges was a #1 if I'm not mistaken... So now he's a #2?

And even if you were only commenting on value... Gorges is worth Michalek and a 2nd?

You know... Todd White scored 73 points in 2008-09... So you're saying he's almost as good as Spezza? And we can "hope" that Spezza will be on White level in 3-4 years?

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