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12-12-2003, 08:35 AM
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Well I'm probably alone on this one but the article blows.

First it's full of mistakes.

ACCOUNABILITY ? If you're gonna write a word in caps better make sure it's written properly. Wether it's a typo or not.

Then you have this sentence :

"They also said that they would things there own way whether the players approved or not."

Another typo : the word DO is missing. Then you have one huge mistake with the word "there". It's their not there.

Second it's not informative at all. Not even an eye opener. It's only a recollection of the season as the events have unfolded.

Then you even have some meaningless points that brings absolutely nothing to the argument he is trying to make like :

Julien has also forced some players to play out of position. Defensemen Craig Rivet and Mike Komisarek were asked to play on the wing last week.

So ... ? Komo played there because we had 11 healthy forwards. It's not good coaching. As for Rivet I'm still scratching my head as to why he played forward.

Bad article ... But you gotta agree with the overall point he's trying to make. Julien is a good coach and I owe him a lot of apologies. I like the way he has made everyone ACCOUNABLE for their play :p

So here you go : sorry Cload !

edit: I know it's not Louis Jean who wrote down the thing for the internet.. but it's still badly written

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