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Originally Posted by Fro View Post
i would assume so, but couldn't tell you if i have or not...but we get don't like him...the majority of us think he's done a lot for the "sport" so to speak...he's not alone in the blame for the hard bumps...Terry Funk ring a bell, among many others....
Taken from another site;

Taker didn't want to throw Mick off the top of the Cell. Mick had to talk him into it and assure him he'd be okay (Mick talked about that, in his first book if I remember right). It took a lot of convincing but Taker did throw him off. After Foley crashed through the announce table you could see Taker standing on top of the Cell looking down, VERY concerned that Mick was either "broken in half" like JR said, or dead. He probably thought that Mick was hurt very badly and wished he'd never agreed to throw him off the top of the Cell. He was as surprised as anybody that Foley got off the stretcher and came back to finish the match.

The top of the cage breaking was an accident, yeah. After this crazy match was over with Vince told Foley (and Taker) that they'd gone too far and that he wouldn't allow these types of dangerous stunts anymore. Mick smoothed-talked Vince into not banning "hardcore" but Vince did restrain the boys quite a bit and we didn't see nearly as much life-threatening stunts anymore (this was also in Mick's book).

The spot was planned.

Mick Foley is a great guy, but what he did for pro wrestling, turning it into a stunt man competition and ruining what pro wrestling is, imo, shouldnt be congradulated at all. If thats what it took for Foley to stay on the top of the card, he should have sold shoes for a living.

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