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I have to echo what my fellow Avs fans have said about Duchene being the last to be traded.

Stastny & O'Reilly are far more likely, and again not for Gardiner straight up... O'Reilly & Kulikov has been discussed a bit, and even that gets some mixed reviews. (That comes from them both being RFA's)

I think what most Avs fans hope is that we keep all three of our centers and one of Barrie or Elliott stick sometime soon as a top 4 offensive defender. We can survive as long as we get at least some offense infused into our defense.

Most likely we will continue to try and fill that top pairing LH spot through free-agency, unless of course we can trade for someone like Yandle once our younger assets are more proven.

One thing Colorado brass may be thinking about is...

What if we can get a guy like Sgarbossa or/and Barrie to break out? If that happens all of the sudden Colorado has a couple of pieces we can use to get someone more experienced like Yandle.

What if Barrie sticks and puts up 20 points this season? And Sgarbossa produces 10 points in 20 or so call-up games? We don't really need a offensive right handed Defender nearly as much as we need a young LH defenseman.

Colorado has a lot of unproven depth that is starting to hit the pros, we need to be patient. If Duchene has a bounce back year, we really do have a perfect set of three centers. One pure offensive guy (Duchene), one responsible playmaker (Stastny), and one defense first playmaker (O'Reilly). That really is a perfect combination for our #1 #2 and #3 center positions.

The other possibility is that we keep whoever our best two centers are, and trade the third for a defender. That would create a hole at the #3 center position, but we could most likely fix that through free-agency with guys like Bozak & Zajac possibly hitting the market.

In order for the second option to happen though, I believe that it would need to be fairly clear by the deadline that we were not going to contend for a playoff spot.

So all in all as much as the entire hockey world knows Colorado is looking for a young #2 LH defender... There are just to many questions to be answered before a trade is the right option.

My personal preference is Stastny or O'Reilly for Yandle, IF we were forced to make a trade now. Yandle has a bit more experience and Phoenix not only needs a top 6 center, but has OEL as their #1. Along with having the depth to trade someone like Yandle.

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