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01-12-2013, 06:09 PM
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have you tried it with Qfan off?

Qfan is off by default in the bios. i don't even use it myself. i just let the fans run full blast, cus i'm not concerned about the extra noise (pc is in reckroom where the small amount of extra noise doesn't matter to me) i'm overclocking, so i wanted the most cooling possible.

but u could try turning Qfan off altogether, and then check your fan speeds to see how they change. just to see how different they are, if at all ...then turn it back on if u want.

maybe a bios update might help improve things for you. might help, and it might not help. i noticed that there's a few bios updates for your board since the version you're using.

just throwing things out there.

like mentioned before, you could set the fan warning limit a little lower 550 instead of 600 maybe. if your system temps are cool, you might consider this.

still tho ...its an interesting situation. i'll think about it some more ...and google around to see what i can find that might help.

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