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Taylor Hall is just beginning to define himself as an NHL hockey player,he has taken large steps in redefining his on-ice perspective and is using the entire ice surface now,more east to west lateral movement and more crisp passes.This has allowed him to put up some tremendous shot numbers and some above average point totals.

Taylor last year had already started to modify his game because of his shoulder injury prior to his seeking remedial treatment.So the facts seem to point to his learning that he could function at a high level of play when he was winged with an injury and after his operation when his strength returned he decided to refocus himself and retain many of the tendancies he learned while injured,more of an east to west lateral bursting speed type of game as opposed to the full-on rush repeatedly.

If Taylor can manage to keep his shot numbers high as he was doing in the AHL then he will evolve into a more balanced producer--the fact is with an elite player like Hall is your passes are usually high percentage from excellent areas hence the seemingly impossible result of more assists from shooting more.The point is that Taylor always seeks shooting lanes and pressures the play so shooting more is a plus for him--just not off the straight on rush--if he is shooting from a lateral perspective and making high percentage passes from that movement then he will see his numbers steadily climb.I believe Taylor Hall is a much more valuable player than Seguin is and will retain this edge for his entire career,Taylor can energise a team and gives 100% every shift and is poised to adjust his game into a more balanced scoring style.This adjustment will push Hall into the elite ppg+ category.My gut says he will fit in perfectly with Yakupov for some reason.That like Mess and Wayne --Hall and RNH need their own sleds to pull.

Moma2 says good luck Taylor Hall,and Go For the Cup Oilers!!!

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