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Originally Posted by lost35 View Post
they are not moving across town

they are moving to Brooklyn, which is a whole other world

they wont be called the New York Islanders in 10 years

Our logo will completely change

I guess that is ok with some

Those Stanley Cup Banners and Retired Jersey numbers will look like another teams Banners hanging in the rafters at Barclays
Nassau doesn't want the Isles. They voted it down. You only have the residents of Nassau to blame for that-nothing else. NVMC is PATHETIC. Yes PATHETIC. I moved away from LI in 97-and even then it was time to move on.

Nassau was NOT an option. Due to the residents and politicians (who the residents voted in). Wang I'm not a big fan of at all-and I know most aren't. But nobody in their right mind can say that Wang didn't bust his butt trying to keep the Isles in Nassau-he tried for over a decade (literally).

Brookyln is a MUCH better option than Quebec. Even if they change their logo and name. Get over it.

Fans who want the Isles to stay in a pathetic arena, with pathetic attendance, pathetic fan support (not including the diehards like the ones on HF), pathetic roster year after year.

I'm 26 years old-I LITERALLY cannot remember a time when the Isles won a playoff series. Not a Cup, not a decent run-but a playoff series.

This team has had 2-TWO-good moments in the past 20 years. And 1 of them was a first round exit as a 5th seeded team. The franchise and fans are living in the past. I'm sick of hearing about the dynasty-it ended 30 years ago. Most players on our roster weren't even alive-let remember-the last cup.

Brooklyn is the start of a new page in Isles history-and GOOD. It can't be any worse than the one we're about to turn.

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