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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Of course the reasons matter, that's the whole point!

Cole didn't think about retiring after last season, he talked about it for the first time when the lockout happened and he was upset about rollbacks. He mentioned how owners needed to respect the contracts already in place. Don't you find it ironic now that he's questioning whether or not he will respect his contract??? Did I say ironic? I meant hypocritical.

If Cole wants to retire because he has lost passion for the game and really wants to enjoy time with his family, then that's all good. There wouldn't be one bad comment in this thread. But that's not what he said.

Every time Cole talked during the lockout it was about the cash, and he did it again now. He mentioned how every player in the NHL should take a step back and reconsider their careers due to the lost cash this CBA will impose. Now, if these guys lost 50% of their salaries, I'd understand, but that's not even close to it. Cole will lose a few 100K. To middle class people, that'd be huge, however, for Cole, he'd still be bringing in millions. So, is it really that bad?? I mean, so bad to the point that it pushes you to retirement??? Of course not. So why even mention it? It only makes him look like greedy.

As for his family, this isn't news. He knew about all this change before agreeing to this contract. If his daughter is truly unhappy, to the point where they're discussing moving back to Carolina, then fine that's very understandable. Also, this isn't the first time he moved. It was 4 years ago, but still, it wasn't the first time, and it certainly wasn't in a city that offered as much as Montreal.
And why talk about the CBA then?? It doesn't add up, and certainly, he would have mentioned that before anything. He talked about retirement when the lockout started, because of the rollbacks (cash), this is the first we hear about his family. So, it doesn't seem like that's really the reason.

But all of this really doesn't matter to me. What irks me is the hypocrisy he showed saying how owners needed to respect their contracts but now is question whether he'll respect his.

As for trading him. What would a team pay for a guy that wants to retire? It decreases his value a lot. So, he really didn't help Bergevin there by making this public.

I lost respect for Cole when he talked trash about Hamrlik just because he had a different opinion. This just confirms it.
Well said Kriss. The hypocrisy is startling.

As I mentioned before Montreal was not a problem when they offered more money and more term than anyone else. I remember McGuire saying that it was probably 500K million per year too much and 1 year too much.

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