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01-12-2013, 06:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Cyris View Post
Yea MacKenzie, Kyper and Shannon all care about Nonis's bargaining power.
Who do you think they are getting their info from? You guessed it, Nonis, Burke and Anselmi. Why would leaf ownership and management leak info that is detrimental to their club?

Burke himself said he wasn't fired for personal reasons. If it was due to the Leafs record why would it happen now and not at years end?

Something has likely happened in the last few weeks that has led to Burke's firing. What has Burke been working on? The Luongo trade is the only thing being reported...

And when Duthie asked Burke if it had anything to do with Luongo he didn't say no. He did however angrily say 'ask them'. If it had nothing to do with Luongo, why didn't he put the speculation to rest and say no?

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