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Originally Posted by Cogburn View Post
See, I don't think it's as clandestine as that. I think its more just everyone concerned, from the MLSE and Burke camps, saying "don't worry about it, it happened, move on" then strategic. I don't think philosophy or potential trades can be dismissed entirely from the equation, but past transactions, the team failing to get a whiff of playoffs in his 4 years despite promises,'s a rich tapestry and odd timing. Who knows, maybe everyone concerned just wants to sell papers?
Is there any chance they wanted to keep BB on just for the work he was doing on the CBA? Regarding the timing issue. Hell, for all we know, GB might of had a hand in the timing.

Lets face it, we did not bring in a outsider to fill the job, DN above all is able to hit the ground running with this and is a capable GM.

I agree with the tone of your post, this is more about to many things on the fire side of the ledger then the not to fire regarding BB.

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