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06-16-2006, 08:52 AM
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Originally Posted by whitesnake
First impressions:

1- Good draft article, as always, if we ever end up with one of the guys on each round you've described, I'll be a really happy person.....My favorites based on your mock is :

16th- Berglund
47th (or 50th) - Ahnelov (Sneep not far behind)
78th - Weber (Montgomery not far...)
108th - Definately Nyholm (should not be there though when we pick, Carpentier and Hovinen become interesting)
138th - Richards (Matsumoto not far)
198th -Definately Dudas (but he should not be there, so Castonguay for me then)

2- So no Wishart and Williams for the 16th, I guess that we became tired of those names and I totally agree on the 4 names you mentioned. Might Persson or Alexandrov be other possible surprises for the 1st pick???

3- There's so many interesting goalies available that I hope, even though we're stacked, we pick at least 1 goalie (if not Hovinen or Richards, could definately be Palmer, Lazaruk or my choice for sleeper of the year Steve Mason)

4- As far as the ''french and québécois topic'' goes, well guys like Max Lacroix, Brad Marchand and Stefan Chaput (other possible sleeper) should get some consideration like Carpentier and Castonguay

5- Don't believe Dudas and Nyholm will be where you've scheduled them to be....unfortunately.

I always those kinds of articles though, great job!!!
First of all, Marchand isn't french and he's from the States...

For the first round, Berglund would be great, but I think the two defenceman are both to far of a reach. Summers sounds like another Dandenault and Fisher didn't played in a competetive league. Giroux would also be nice, but he's not really big...might be a concern in our actual situation.

As for Wishart and Williams, well I don't really care for Wishart, but I'm curious about Williams. From the sound of it, he could become the second best defenceman in the draft.

But I really think that we will get the chance to draft one of player of the concensus top 14...I can easily see one goaltender being taken in the before us and and I expect at least one big surprise...

As for the Quebec born players, well it don't seem to be a good year for them. If one of them is the BPA, fine, but we should not reach for them...

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