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Originally Posted by TLinden16 View Post
Rodin - tale of two zones. Bad in the defensive zone and not bad in the offensive zone. Had some good shifts were he controlled the puck in the offensive zone and forced some turnovers leading to chances (which line mates such as Sweatt should have done more with) . However, obviously jumps away from contact along the boards in his zone and doesn't get the puck out. Also, he made a couple of poor and half-hearted changes later in the game. Seems to lack stamina. Some things he does makes you question his attitude and you get to wonder if he is a bit of a head case. Maybe that's too speculative but seems to me that Rodin strays from a team concept at times.
The bolded has been pretty much my exact take on Rodin - not a great thing to say, but my feeling is unfortunately that he's a pretty gutless player.

His speed can be dazzling if he has an open stretch of ice in front of him and no opposing players around him. But if he has to carry the puck into a group of players, or has an opportunity to blow through a narrow hole between an opposing defender and the boards ... he bails. Throws the brakes on and gives up on the play. Will not take a hit to make a play.

If he had the heart to use his skating ability to attack the opposition and take the puck into high-traffic areas, he could be a player. But he doesn't, and that's why he only has 1 goal this year and is turning into a write-off.

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