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12-12-2003, 09:07 AM
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All this talk about past records and games is meaningless. Devil's fans are front runners, except for kids who grew up thinking they always exsisted. They are kids, however, and don't know enough about anything to really make an argument.

The point of the post was Burns' whining. When a coach complains about another team he is trying to block the blame of losing from his team to the refs (see Pat Quinn).

It seems to me that Burns doesn't have much faith in his team.

As for Stevens and cheap shots, if he's so tough why does he wear hard plastic shoulder pads? Why does he go after smaller players? Is it "cool" to try and injure people?

I'm not just talking about Lindros. There was a Maple Leaf and Daymond Langkow who got injured by that pretty little play. You know, the one where two players get on either side of the puck carrier and tough guy Stevens comes in from the blind side with those hard plastic shoulder pads. He's quite a stand up guy.

I really respect how he says he doesn't want to injure people and didn't even look at the Lindros replay, but there he was, looking up at the replay after it happened. He's classy and honest.