Thread: Proposal: Lupul OR Phaneuf for Stastny
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01-12-2013, 10:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Ampedx View Post
When he was younger and healthy did he have the same role he has today? The minutes, pp time, the experience? All im saying he was a PPG All star last year, and he's shown he's a capable of being a top 6 legit winger. He's also had close to 50 pt seasons in his previous years in lesser roles, similar to Stastny in the present.

Kulemin is a terrible example because of what he had to play through last year with the Yaroslavl crash. It was clearly affecting his play and someone just doesn't have a down year like that all of a sudden after potting 30 goals.

Also, on players values, I'm not talking about acquiring Stastny because of his "low value", I'm doing so because the team he's on is deep at his position. Zetterberg can be under performing but hasn't slipped in the depth chart and with DET still being competitive it makes sense there aren't Zetterberg proposals everyday.
I'm pretty sure he got a significant role in Philidelphia and in Anaheim the second time around. No way did it take until the age of 28 and a few teams later for a team to finally give him such a role. I'm betting last season was an outlier year for him and I don't think he'll be able to sustain it.

And don't make excuses for Kulemin. He wasn't the only person affected by the Yaroslavl crash. It could simply be he had a great year and just struggled the next. That happens a lot. His shot % went down as well.

And while your Zetteberg example makes sense, Detroit can use Dats, Zette and Filpulla as Centers which would give them great depth in that position as well. Stastny has garnered somewhat of a low reputation here and despite being a top center, people think the Avs are itching to get rid of him

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