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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
See, I think this is the problem I have. We're not even seeing eye to eye on what I'm saying. (if this is directed at me)

There is no disrespect meant or seen anywhere in my opinion that Boyle isn't good for the 3rd line. I like Brian Boyle a lot. I like his presence in the defensive zone. I like his presence in the locker room. I like his enthusiasm on the ice. I like his awareness of his own game and what he needs to work on. I think he's eminently coachable. I like that he's willing to throw his body, go into corners and stand in front of the net. I like everything about his game, I just don't think that he's consistent enough in his offensive zone presence to warrant a permanent spot on the 3rd line. Therefore, I don't consider him a true third liner. Just like there are guys who are 2nd line players who won't look terribly out of place on the first line (Ryan Callahan), there are guys who are 4th line players who don't look terribly out of place on the 3rd line. That doesn't mean they should be there permanently. When Boyle is going? Sure, put him on the 3rd line. I'd just like to have options for when he isn't.

Where is this notion that third liners are supposed to have a big time offensive presence coming from though? On average third liners score from 15-30 points, league wide and most third lines are considered 'shut down' or 'energy' lines. What you described about Boyle fits shutdown and energy to a T and he also produces on the upper end of the spectrum for third liners.

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