Thread: Proposal: Lupul OR Phaneuf for Stastny
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01-12-2013, 09:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Faltorvo View Post
Well actually some of the names/things i posted do fit into the teams young time frame, don't get me wrong i ain't trying to fleece anyone here.

There are just some things TO cannot afford to trade, Reil,Gard,2013 1rst i would hope are on that list.

I get where you are coming from Col has no cap issues moving forward and your depth upfront can be envied, no doubt.

TBH, Stast contract and the slight decline over the years does have some drag on his value. I'm not really sure he is still in the bonafied blue chip return range anymore.

Damn close but 6.6 is hefty and i find it a little ironic that you would post concerns over Kessels UFA timeline when he is eligible the same year Stast is.

Actually 27 is not considered young anymore by league average, these days thats middle aged.
Well I understand that TOR can't move them. That is why I said these proposals don't make sense.
In theory TOR can acquire any player in this league. Offer Kessel, Gardiner, Reilly and your next 5 1st rounders and you could probably entice Pittsburgh to trade Crosby.
Does it make sense? Not at all.
I agree that the general trade value of Paul may have declined.

But the Avs need him.ROR is in limbo and he and Duchene are only 21. If you want to make the playoffs, handing the keys to two 21 yr old centers is not the right thing to do.
The last few years we did not have enough good wingers to supply Duchene , Stastny and ROR with.

Stastny often got the short end of the stick when it came to his wingers.
His goal totals stayed pretty much the same he just had fewer assists.
That is not a coincidence. That is why I (and it looks like many Leafs fans are on board with my opinion) believe that he can easily "bounce back" and produce more points this year.
His cap hit does not concern us. We have plenty of capspace

You are right. They are both UFAs in 2014. The difference is that Paul has major history with the Avs and is much much much more likely to stay with the Avs and he certainly should be cheaper than Kessel on their new contracts.
And Kessels first negotiations did not exactly go smooth.
So I don't like him on the Avs because I don't think we could keep him longterm on a halfway decent contract.

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