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Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
1. Because it's more games.

2. Because it's more recent.

3. His playoff performance wasn't consistently good. He had a couple of nice games, but there were plenty of bad games there as well. We forgave those because he was just weeks out of college, but let's not pretend like he was a dominant player game in and game out. He had about a third of a point per game. Not exactly a dominant performance.

Not only did stars like Gabby and Brad score more, but guys like Stepan, Anisimov, Callahan, and even defensemen Del Zotto, Staal and Girardi outscored him. Boyle, Fedotenko and even Stralman scored the same as or within 1 point of Kreider. Think about it: who is going around saying Feds and Stralman had amazing playoffs? Nobody.
It's not that many more games. It's only a few months more recent. He played very well for a guy straight out of college. It wasn't only his points. The energy he brought to the team was very important. We probably don't even beat Ottawa without him and he was our best forward against NJ.

Also, you judge him harshly as a top prospect in the AHL, but don't seem to give him any leeway as a guy that was put in a very tough situation in the playoffs.

Seriously, you don't give him any credit and all you do is criticize him. Seriously did he spit in your cheerios? I mean, I know you say you want him to succeed yet you completely bypass his positives. You sound like a Devils fan would if he were talking about Kreider. You sound like you're rooting for him to fail. If not, why are you completely bypassing all of the positive and focusing solely on the negatives?

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