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01-12-2013, 09:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Vipers31 View Post
That really isn't true, though. The last year, I would slightly reluctantly give to people, but last year's first half was rather forgettable for him. One can count that up to being an understandable adjustment period, but still, he wasn't playing well at that time, whatsoever. He was settling in the 2nd half, but if people say that much more for him over that span, it feels a bit "flavour of the half-year-ish", to me, as he hasn't been that impressive this past half year, either, all things considered. A very good, player, I agree, and if you consider Dortmund's CL performances higher than everything else, even more, but generally, I wouldn't be as fast elevating players. GŁndogan's on a very good way, but I'd be very hesitant to go that much further right now.
I think he's been just as spectacular this year as he was once he settled in last year. And I'm not saying he's gunna continue to develop and become the German Pirlo, but so far the kid's performances have been astounding, add further development from Gotze, Lewa, Hummels, the addition of Reus, and there's a lot more to Dortmund maintaining their high level of play than the loss of Sahin and so it shouldn't be used to discredit what he had accomplished playing for them. Getting buried at Real and not setting the world on fire as he adapted to the EPL aren't damning as he's still a good player.

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