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01-12-2013, 10:11 PM
not sure if HF or FB
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Alright, since the NHL will be back soon and there will be a flurry of posters coming back, now would be a good time to refresh yourself with a few rules:

Flaming: don't insult the users of this forum. Debate an opinion, not the poster themselves.

Spam: If your post adds nothing to the convo and is just there to take up space, it's spam. Don't post just for the sake of doing so. Board's going to be experiencing more traffic, so we gotta try and keep the forum as uncluttered as possible.

To go along with spam, please try to keep the thread making to a minimum. Make sure there's a purpose for your thread, and if there's already a similar topic, post your inquiry in there.

Thanks, and let's get ready for some hockey!


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