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01-12-2013, 10:25 PM
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I guess I just don't feel that teams who are legitimate contenders for the Cup should have "adequate" 3rd liners.
Teams that are legitimate threats for the Cup usually have a third line that can shutdown the opponents. Boyle will do that perfectly. He doesn't need to have this offensive presence you're hung up on in order to be much more than adequate. That's not a word I ever used. Adequate implies barely meeting the requirements. Boyle is not simply adequate, he is the exemplar of the average, as in exactly what you expect. No better or worse than MOST teams will have. Adequate would be simply able to fill the role because there is no better option. That is not the case. Boyle is much better than virtually all fourth liners in the league. He is made for the third line. If he improves his offense playing with Hags and Pyatt or Kreider and Pyatt (you don't think that line would have some offensive zone presence? They're all giants who throw their weight around, can put pucks in the net, pay reasonably good attention to their own end and forecheck extremely well) he will be an exceptionally good third line center.