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Originally Posted by zeus3007 View Post
So you're using speculation based off a CBS guy who isn't exactly respected and works for a team in a different conference? The link you gave me pretty much runs the notion through the dirt, saying it is unlikely that it really happened.

What I've heard about this rumor is that it is a rumor, nothing more. You can't use a rumor, one that most people in the know don't believe, as the gospel.

I'm not saying it never happened, for what its worth. I'm saying that I don't think that the rumor monger isn't enough to say it did for sure. I think that is the type of value that Yandle would demand, but am not sure if its the type of value that Phoenix would want.

My biggest question is, that IF this offer was made at the draft, and IF Phoenix was going around telling everyone that they would need to match it or beat it, which the article also claims, then why would any teams that didn't match it or beat it then do so now?
I used the first link that popped up on a google search. I don't recall but the rumour may even had been discussed on TSN's broadcast last June. All I know is I heard it and I heard it from various sources. It's been discussed on these boards as a legit rumor for months. But like any rumor if you don't want to believe it then don't. That's your choice.

As for your last part. Maloney is playing poker. He can say whatever he wants and the GM has to decide if he has pocket aces or a pair of two's.

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