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01-12-2013, 10:43 PM
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Went to the game tonight. Providence looked decent in the first but became lifeless as the game went on. Had pretty decent seats right behind the B's bench and the team looked dejected and flat. Body language all Woes Me. I read this thread pretty religiously, but I don't get to games much. This is a absolutely small sample and I'd be interested to hear how these observations gel/go against things you experienced game-goers know about.

--The training camp call ups mixed with injuries, obviously help explain the flat performance. They were clearly depleted and yet held in there pretty well until the end of the second at least and if they have a full squad, I can't imagine them losing to an uninteresting Springfield team (who, I'm assuming had their own call up problems?)

--Best Bruin of the night: Krug. Looked smooth, poised and confident. Moved fast in tight corners and made crisp first passes. He was the only guy on the team who looked like he might crack the varsity any time soon. Incidentally, in the third period Krug looked either pissed or bored, I couldn't tell.

--Kept an eye on Cross all night. Was impressed in the first period. Similar to Krug, he looked sharp, great first pass. But as the game went on, he looked shaky to me, hesitant. He's a big dude, but he doesn't look entirely comfortable in his skates. I almost got the impression he was worried about hitting people. Didn't strike me as physically impressive at all. But - that was my first real look at him.

--An almost complete lack of physicality. There was one hit in the second by Robins that knocked a Falcon on his ass, looked great to me, but he got called for boarding. Virtually no hitting mixed with this hang-dog attitude seemed anti-Bruin to me. It was frustrating to say the least. P-Bruins have a lot of big boys, but they had nothing going, no zing, maybe until the last minute and a half when things got chippy. Why wait until you've got less then two minutes to start playing like you have a heart?

--Robins: testy, feisty, in everybody's face, disrupting the other guy's plan by being a pain in the ass. Maybe a bit reckless? The guy behind me, a Falcon fan, kept saying "somebody needs to punch number 21 in the face." He got 13 penalty minutes for his troubles.

--They seemed rudderless, definitely leaderless - again, missing like your top 5 guys will mangle chemistry. There didn't seem to be anybody on the team willing to pick them up by their bootstraps and drag them to a better place. Nobody to lead by example.

--Whitfield looks like a guy playing at his maximum abilities. Will make smart plays penalty killing, but can having Whitfield on a power play in ANY league be a good thing?

--Saw nothing inspiring from Sauve. I wanted him to shine. Wanted to envision him as a future Boston Bruin, but other than the fact that he skated with a mean face, looked intense a lot, he reminded me of a heavier Czerkawski without the occasional dangle magic. Could have just been a tough night all around.

--Hutchinson in net. Looked smooth, calm. Controlled. He got run into a few times and never seemed phased. That said, gave up plenty o' juicy rebounds. That said, the supporting cast didn't really inspire much.

--Random: Florek looked comfortable on the PK. Wasn't impressed with Camper or Cunningham. They looked timid, maybe even tired. O'Neil had a funny moment where he kind of got caught in the netting and took a header. Mink, had he been Mark Recchi, would have popped a couple standing in front of the net. PP=funeral parlor. 2 shots total in the second period.

Anyway - thought this might be interesting to people afar, even if it was a pretty tepid game all around. Here's to the future!

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